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TeleMedico Physicians was founded on the principle that timely, focused healthcare is the key to delivering enhanced clinical outcomes and cost savings to the healthcare system.
We provide specialized, focused care for patients with a Cardiac Diagnosis where and when they need it.
Our Program

Cardiac Transitional Care

Transitional cardiology bridges the gap between hospital-based care and skilled nursing facilities as well as cardiac care at a patient’s home. Cardiac Transitional Care is based on a comprehensive care plan which is provided in collaboration with our physicians and healthcare staff and your medical team. We understand that geriatric patients often have a variety of health conditions and require care in various settings. Our team works in collaboration with yours to put together individualized patient goals, preferences and clinical status. At Telemedico Physicians we pride ourselves on respecting the relationship patients have with their primary cardiologist. Our care is based around their established plan and we work hard to have open communication with the patient, family members and caregivers.

Interactive Clinical Rounding

  •  Onsite visits
  •  2x a week
  • Screening of patients


  • Cardiac Education for staff
  • Constantly evolving curriculum
  • CEU Accredited


  •  ECG
  • Telemetry
  •  Patient Monitoring
  • Telemedicine
  • Central Monitoring Stations

Root Cause Analysis

  • Provided for all return to hospital patients
  • Quality & Assurance
  • Metrics & Analysis

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Our Happy clients

What Our Clients Say

Jay Jayson

When i came here my phobia of hospitals immediatelly disappeared. Thank you Doctor for your fast and effective help, I am happy now

Jay Jayson

Kelly Lawson

My phobia of hospitals has disappeared when I first came here. Thank you Doctor for your fast and effective help, I am happy now

Kelly Lawson

College Student
Robert Jackson

My practice shows that you have to have a second and sometimes a third opinion in order to get the diagnosis right. Luxmed has it right!

Robert Jackson


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Our Happy Clients

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