Benefits to All


  • Focus on improved quality of patient care outcomes
  • Goal of reducing incidents of cardiac complications and re-admissions
  • Improved patient education and adherence
  • Increased communication between patients and staff

Benefits to the Patient

  • Improved functional capacity which can build patient self-confidence
  • Reduction of fragmented patient care
  • Close interaction with healthcare staff
  • Earlier intervention and treatment of recognized complications
  • Fewer hospital visits by recognizing changes of condition earlier
  • Family education, involvement and support

Benefits to Administration

  • Enhanced marketability
  • Improved resident satisfaction
  • Reduced number of hospitalizations

Benefits to Clinical Staff

  • Enhanced education
  • Increased professional satisfaction
  • Improves confidence in caring for complex patients

Benefits to Physicians

  • Multi-disciplinary team approach
  • Improves and provides more consistent coverage
  • Provides confidence in the safety of rehabilitation


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