Interactive Clinical Rounding

Screening of Patients

  • Our Medical Team will be available prior to clinical acceptance of patients to the facility for clinical guidance.
  • We review of appropriate laboratory/ diagnostic reports from the hospital to obtain baseline clinical picture.
  • Once patients are identified with known heart disease or at risk for cardiovascular events our medical team will treat accordingly

Onsite at least 2x a week

  • Cardiac care is based on a comprehensive plan of care that is provided by our physicians and health care practitioners who are well-trained in chronic care to meet the patient’s individualized goals, preferences, and clinical status.
  • We provide appropriate clinical health teachings and formalized onsite consultations
  • We provide and implement clinical pathways for the treatment or triage of patients demonstrating cardiac decompensation.
  • Monitoring of vital signs, evaluate for signs of orthostatic hypotension especially for high-risk elderly patients treated with diuretics and vasodilators.
  • Medication regimen; commonly used medications: Ace Inhibitors, Angiotensin II Receptor Blocking Agents, Diuretics, Beta Blockers, and Digoxin. Monitor compliance with medications and therapeutic diet.
  • Work with your therapist to provide a graded exercise program. Prescribe and plan optimal and up to date medical therapy
  • Evaluate for comorbidities
  • Complete appropriate diagnostic studies.
  • Work with your dietician for dietary management.
  • Our Medical team will be available via phone and telecommunications when not physically in the building when questions arise.
  • Care, which encompasses the transition from hospital discharge to patient’s own cardiologist, is essential for all patients with complex cardiac care needs.


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